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Here are a few reasons why some international students choose to study in the United States: 

1. Educational Diversity & Excellent academic programs

  • The United States has a strong reputation for higher education.
  • The United States has numerous world-renowned universities and colleges that offer a variety of academic paths.
  • The United States has a lot of educational options.

2. Career-minded learning opportunities

  • Many students attending college in the United States also participate in academic clubs and professional organizations to learn practical skills that could be used in their careers.
  • Students have access to a multitude of diverse and unique professional experiences,  conferences, and networking opportunities to supplement what they learn in the classroom.

3. Specialized libraries and resources

  • Most universities and colleges in the United States offer students many educational resources, such as books, films, academic journals, as well as other hard to find resources on subjects such as history and english, just to name a few.

4. Advanced-level English Language programs

Many colleges and private English language schools provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help students learn English.

  • Some international students come to the United States to take these classes and prepare themselves to enter a university.
  • Some international students come to the United States to learn English while experiencing American life.
  • Some international students come to the United States to improve their English while working at an internship or a job.