Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Scholarship?

Scholarship – a form of free money that may cover either SOME or ALL of your educational expenses, to include tuition, room & board, school books, and/or any other required supplies or necessities. Scholarships are gifts of free money that don’t have to be repaidunlike student loans.

Why Are Scholarships Important?

Scholarships are important for students who want to attend college because the costs of college education continues to rise each year and current economic recession may make the situation worse.

>  What’s The Best Way To Pay For College?

We believe Scholarships are the best way to pay for college. Scholarships are awarded by merit and/or financial need.

Are Scholarships Awarded Only To Students With High Academic Grades And Accomplished Athletes?

No, there are several different types of scholarships that are available. Scholarships for high academic grades and accomplished athletes are just 2 types that happen to be most widely-known.

Is There A Family Income Threshold To Be Eligible For Scholarships?

Most often, NO, For Merit – Based Scholarships. State and/or federally funded financial aid requires an evaluation of family income and assets.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Scholarships I Can Accept Or Receive?

No. There are no limitations on the dollar amount of scholarships you can accept. This means you can accept all the money that is awarded to you. However, accepting outside scholarships will likely affect any additional financial assistance offered by your college.

Is There A Limit To How Many Scholarships I Can Apply For?

No. There is no limit. If you meet the qualification criteria for applying, you may apply for as many scholarships as you want. This means, if you’re eligible, you can apply to all the small and large scholarships.

Isn’t It Better To Apply For Student Loans Rather Than Scholarships?

No. Scholarship money is free money. You do not have to return it and it doesn’t attract any interest. Student loans are completely different. Student loans attract considerably high interest and the interest keeps accruing every year until the entire debt is paid in full. Student loans MUST be repaid. Scholarships are FREE. No Repayment.

Will I Be Awarded Money For All The Scholarships I Apply For?

Not necessarily. Scholarships are highly competitive with every student who qualifies and applies. Meeting the requirements and applying does not guarantee a financial award. You should go the extra mile and outshine the other applicants. Most often, you will be required to submit an essay. Use the essay as a platform to showcase your accomplishments and highlight why you are worthy of the scholarship.

>   Can I Apply For Scholarships If I Have Not Yet Decided On A College?

Yes. Most often, you don’t have to be officially enrolled in a college or university to apply for scholarships. Please be advised, if you receive a scholarship offer, the sponsor may ask for eligibility verification. This may include, among other things, proof of college enrollment. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship before applying.

What Does Millennials Prestige Offer and How Can Millennials Prestige Help?

Millennials Prestige offers a series of workshops and writing labs, comprehensive and customized scholarship searches, in addition to providing one on one consultation to students and families throughout the school year for students who:

√  Would like to apply for scholarships
 √  Would like assistance with applying for scholarships
 √  Would like a Checklist Review for scholarship submission
 √  Would like assistance with FAFSA completion and submission
 √  Would like assistance with writing essays for scholarships


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